Discovery & Concepting
We educate ourselves about your culture, brand, people, goals, market, and challenges through discussion and research.  We’ll then present various treatments in order to define style and content of what we’ll create for your brand.

No matter if you have a $8,000 or $1,000,000 budget, we’ll strive to ensure that you receive the best results for your money.  A budget breakdown tells you clearly what each production element costs, and we’ll explain why it’s necessary.

Scriptwriting & Storyboarding
The creative blueprint for your brand must be written through use of drama, humor, and or motion graphics.  You’ll get a rough idea of the message and how it’ll unfold on screen.

Casting & Location Scouting
Do you need unique locations and talent for the story?  Through our extensive partnerships, we’ll find everything needed.

The Shoot, AKA Production

Here’s where we shoot the script(s) we’ve created.  You’ll have as much interaction with us while we’re creating your content as you like, and by the end, we’ll have all the assets needed to create your polished message.