Discovery & Concepting
We educate ourselves about your culture, brand, people, goals, market, and challenges through discussion and research.  We’ll then present various treatments in order to define style and content of what we’ll create for your brand.

No matter if you have a $100,000 or $6,000 budget, we’ll strive to ensure that you receive the best results for your money.  A budget breakdown tells you clearly what each production element costs, and we’ll explain why it’s necessary.

Scriptwriting & Storyboarding
The creative blueprint for your brand must be written through use of drama, humor, and or motion graphics.  You’ll get a rough idea of the message and how it’ll unfold on screen.

Casting & Location Scouting
Do you need unique locations and talent for the story?  Through our extensive partnerships, we’ll find everything needed.


Here’s where we shoot the script(s) we’ve created.  You’ll have as much interaction with us while we’re creating your content as you like, and by the end, we’ll have all the assets needed to create your polished message.


We’ll piece all of the garnered content into a rough cut, then a final cut of the content we captured and created.

Motion Graphics, Animation, & Visual Effects
This process is started after the edit has been more or less locked as we need to understand exact running times for each specialized element to cut down cost and stretch your budget to the max.

Color Correction & Grading
Seldom does footage come out of a camera in its final form, it must be manipulated to convey the exact mood of the final product through the visual component of color.  There is a difference between an end product that looks ok, and one that truly pops, displays real production value, and pushes your brand.

At the core of the emotional impact of your finished product lies music.  The perfect sonic experience enhances the enduring nature of your product to your customer.  We can find pre-composed tracks, or have something created specifically for your product.

Foley, ADR, & Sound Mix
There’s truth in the statement a great picture isn’t worth much when you have terrible sound.  Through the process of Foley, we’ll sweeten the sound we captured during production, with ADR, we’ll correct any problematic voice recordings, and with the final mix, we’ll put everything, to include the music, together with a proper audio mix.


TV, Film, & Social Media Distribution
Whether you want Super Bowl ad time on broadcast, cable or satellite, a social media ad campaign, or google based ads we’re there for you.  We pride ourselves at being an end to end advertising company. We’ll be there to help navigate the harsh waters of distribution and come up with a plan for a win.